September 20, 2009

AZ Griller's Wedge Salad

Although I love grilled food it is important to balance out items from the grill or smoker with healthy side dishes. I have included a salad recipe for this purpose. This salad reminds me of the type of side dish served by a steakhouse. As a result this salad would pair well with a grilled steak and baked potato.

Iceberg lettuce
Crumbled blue cheese
Chopped bacon bits
Sliced tomato
Choice of salad dressing

Slice a wedge of lettuce from the full head of iceberg lettuce. Place wedge in a salad bowl and top with crumbled blue cheese and chopped bacon bits. Add two sliced tomato wedges and dress with your favorite dressing. Italian dressing is a nice choice but the final decision is up to you. The only way you can mess up this dish is to use artifical bacon bits. Don't make this mistake just stick to the real stuff.

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