January 18, 2010

Perfect Grill Marks

If you find it difficult to obtain great grill marks try using a grill press.  A grill press is really just a heavy item placed on top of whatever you're cooking on the grill.  The extra weight of the press pushes the food into the hot grates helping create the desired grill marks.  In the pictures above there are examples of two different types of this accessory.  In the first picture is a cast iron press purchased for about $9 at a local BBQ store.  In the second picture are two fire bricks wrapped in aluminum foil.  The bricks were bought at Home Depot for a little more than $1 each.  If you already own a cast iron skillet this would also work just fine too.  It is important to note cooking times may be shorter when using a grill press.  The extra weight of the press helps flatten out the food item often resulting in shorter cook times.  Just keep a close eye on the grill and be prepared to adjust the time if necessary.   

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