November 25, 2009

Grilled Chicken Breasts

It was only Tuesday but I was dying to fire up my gas grill and cook something.  So I headed out and filled my propane tanks.   On the way back to the house I stopped and picked up some boneless, skinless, chicken breasts.  Once home I fired up all three mighty burners on my little grill to high and began the process of preheating.  Inside I washed and dried the chicken breasts then lightly brushed them with extra virgin olive oil.  For the sake of time rather than make my own seasoning blend I used a commercially available spice blend from Weber called Kick 'N Chicken.  The mixture has some heat as it contains red pepper but would be considered by most to be only moderately spicy.  Once the grill was hot I placed the chicken breasts on the grill in the ten o'clock position.  I cooked them with the lid open over high heat for 2.5 minutes before rotating them a quarter turn clockwise.  I continued cooking them an additional 2.5 minutes before turning them over.  At this point I turned all three burners down to medium and continued the cooking process with the lid closed.  Total time on the grill was approx 16 minutes.  The result was fantastic.  The chicken was moist and flavorful.  If you plan ahead and make extra any left overs make for great meals throughout the week.  If I grill a bunch of chicken breasts I will end up using any extra in salads, sandwiches, and fajitas.

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